Gmail, Google over IPv6

Several methods helped us "FanQiang" through GFW, including proxys, tunnels, as well as IPv6.
IPv6 is next generation Internet protocal, we should know it. So let's know how to "FanQiang" using IPv6.

Under Ubuntu, we need following steps:

  1. Well worked IPv6

    Check whether our IPv6 works fine:


    If our IPv6 doesn't work at all. Try to find solutions: Here.

  2. Hosts for IPv6 services

    We can find all IPv6 service hosts from:

    Maybe we can't surf Google Docs at all, then the version 2011.10.25 can be found Here.

  3. Good luck .


  1. Google and wikipedia can help us handle all the things, don't feel shy to ask them.
  2. Useful informations: Google over IPv6